7 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Blog Posts

 Here are 7 ways to repurpose your old blog posts into different pieces of content you can use in your marketing.

I believe that your blog is the hub of all of the marketing that you do in your business. It’s where you typically create your longest and juiciest pieces of content for your marketing and therefore should be the place that you pull content from for your other pieces of content marketing. 

I’ve found that when I start with my blog post content first, creating content for social media and my email list is a lot easier for me to do. Why? Because you can pull the things that you’ve already talked about in your blog post and go even deeper with one or a few of those based on the content that you’ve already created. This means more time for you to spend connecting with your community rather than always having to create content from scratch.

So, how do you repurpose your old blog post and turn it into new content? Well, I’ve come up with seven different ways to repurpose your old blog posts and I’m sharing them with you below. Let’s dive into these.

1 | Twitter Posts 

Comb through your blog post and pull out a few nuggets that you can turn into quick tips to share on Twitter. These don’t have to be long and can be straight to the point. Copy the tip that you want to share and grab the link to the post. Then you can either share it on Twitter now or schedule it to go out later using your social media scheduler of choice.

2 | Instagram Posts

Create an Instagram post that is a summarized version of your blog post. For example, pull the introduction paragraph from your blog post along with the headlines that you’ve created for the post and make it an Instagram post. Each of the headlines can be a bullet point in your Instagram post.

3 | Facebook Posts

Using the same format for the Instagram post, share the post on your Facebook Page. You can either use the same image that you’ve used for the Instagram post or use a different one to see which one performs the best.

4 | Live Video Training

Take one of your favorite nuggets from your blog post and turn it into a live video training. If you had five different headlines in your post that’s five different live topics you can plan to do from just one blog post. Use the content you’ve already created to help you create an outline for your video.

5 | New Blog Posts

Do you have a blog post where you shared a little bit on a few bullet points but you know that you can go even deeper? Well, create a new blog post using that as your starting point. For example, I could easily take this blog post and expand on one of these seven points and go more in-depth on how to create that specific piece of content.

6 | Email Marketing

Take your blog post content and email it to your email list. Or better yet, create an introduction to the post (could be the same Instagram post) and then direct them back to your website to read the entire blog post. Just make sure to share the value and make it clear as to why they’d want to head over to your blog to read your post.

7 | Webinar Training

The final way to repurpose your blog post is to turn it into a webinar training. You can take the content that you’ve already created and host a webinar on the topic using the content that you already have as your outline.

What are some other ways you can think of to repurpose your old blog posts? Share them with me below because I’m always on the lookout for new creative content strategies.